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At JRT Global FZC, our priority is to provide seamless and tailor-made production solutions and services to the growing catering sector in the GCC. These include delivering quality branded products with a consistent supply system and maintaining service excellence.

To meet the diversified needs of the customer, JRT Global FZC analyses the fundamental requirements (what products does the customer need and how do they need it delivered to them?) and thereby develops a tailor-made program that shapes into their retail criteria. Flexibility and creativity are key qualities that are infused into the work standards at JRT Global FZC to cater to the complete needs of our customers.

The food industries we service include Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Patisseries / Confectioners, Fast Food Chains, Catering (Food Service, Air Flight), Institutions, Ship Chandlers.

Apart from the high quality of products distributed by us, JRT Global FZC gives priority to provide the highest standards of service to its customers. This constant process includes a series of accurate studies surrounding the problems concerning distribution, technical and commercial features. From new product development and quality assurance, to food safety and customer service, our unwavering dedication to being the very best is what motivates us every day and keeps our customers coming back for more.

Listed below is an overview of our services, all of which can be quoted for based on your specific needs:
• Pick orders by store and ship direct to retail stores
• Pick orders by store and cross dock with distribution centres / ship to distribution centers
• Overseas containers shipped to our warehouse and then unloaded and shipped LTL to retail stores
• Truckloads direct to retail stores / distribution centres
• Import /Export food stuffs
• Pick orders and ship directly to retail stores
• Logistics and Warehousing for Manufacturers